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Chauffeured Wedding Cars

A wedding ceremony is that massive and memorable event that billions of humans all across the globe are always looking forward to. This is so serious that many dream of their perfect weddings even as a child.

The importance of weddings is also visible in the fact that the wedding industry is now one that is worth billions of dollars. To get married in Sydney, one of the most beautiful cities in the world is surely a memorable thing. Therefore, this piece will shed some light about chauffeured wedding cars in Sydney.

The Wedding Cars

As a result of the fact that a wedding is an extraordinary event that is always often planned with perfection in mind, it is no surprise to discover those wedding cars to are far from the ordinary cars or bland vehicles seen every day on the roads. Most wedding cars are elegant, luxurious and in many cases, can be quite expensive.

For those who are very determined to make their wedding days to be absolutely gorgeous and historical, they will not spare any cash or change in ensuring that they get the best wedding cars. For those who belong to the upper echelon of the elite club, they can afford even to buy brand-new and posh cars for their wedding events. For those who decide or are unable to buy, there is another option or alternative of renting these beautiful machines as their chauffeured wedding cars in Sydney.

Making the Big Day Really Memorable

A wedding day is mainly about making memories. Therefore, it is very crucial and essential that the memories are left indelible in the minds of not only the bride and the groom but also in the minds of all the wedding guests. Everyone loves a wedding that goes viral on the internet, and one of the ways that you can even pull this off is to ensure that you make use of that one-in-town car that no one else has or has used before. Make heads turn and enter the history books! Make your wedding a point of reference by ensuring you choose the best chauffeured cars in Sydney.

Getting the Services

Some lovebirds have enough information, resources or experience for them to select and go for the most elegant wedding cars all on their own. However, there are others who cannot do this or simply do not have the needed experience to pull this off. For such category of couples, there are very many companies that offer these wedding-related services. In Sydney, a simple search on the cyberspace will yield a volley of companies, agencies and event planners that will get you the very best of vehicles in a matter of minutes.

Great Ocean Road One Day Tour

Are you planning a road trip to the Great Ocean Road? You might be wondering what exactly is so special about the place. It is literally known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Now if you are on a trip to Australia, you wouldn’t want to miss the majestic beauty of the Great Ocean Road.

For those taking a bus tour from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road, the following stops would be the major highlight of the tour.

  • The Bell’s Beach, apart from being featured in the movie Point Break (though the film wasn’t exactly filmed here), this is a truly beautiful place. It’s a known fact that sometimes harks drop by the beach to feast.
  • The Port Campbell National Park houses the cute koalas and the elusive kangaroos, what’s more you might even end up seeing a few penguins.
  • You may want to stop at the picturesque Apollo Bay for some quick lunch.
  • The Otway lighthouse
  • The Twelve apostles, the famous rock structure for which the road is famous. Previously it was known as the sow and the pigs but later on from 1861 came to be known as the twelve apostles.

Bus Tours to the Great Ocean Road

You can expect the following basics on a Great Ocean Road Tours from Melbourne.

  • You will be provided a pick up and drop off to your hotel in a small mini bus
  • A friendly and informative driver who would point out the landmarks
  • A visit to few of the above mentioned landmarks.
  • For those on a day tour, you would be allowed to get off at any of the local bistros where you have to get your own lunch

Animal spotting on the Grand Ocean Road

If you are taking a tour in the morning or the early afternoon, you are bound to find some animals. You are bound to get a glimpse of koalas, the crimson Rosella and a few ant eaters. The crimson rosella is a native parrot to the Australian coast and you can have an option of feeding the bird seed as they come and sit on your hand. While touring the eucalyptus forests you are bound to get a closer look at the slow moving koalas. They are cute and furry to look at but beware they have those sharp claws.

Aerial view of the Twelve Apostles

When on a bus tour you can stop near the Port Campbell National Park and get a helicopter ride for a few minutes or an hour and get an aerial view of the Twelve Apostles. Though it would cost you a bit extra but the ride is worth it. You get to enjoy the majestic beauty of the limestone formations up close and personal.

In order to make the most of the bus tour, make sure you book early. Pack a few snacks, don’t forget the suntan lotion and bring your cameras because there is loads to photograph and have a great trip.

Wedding Transport

Arranging your Wedding Transportation

The first thing which comes to your mind when you hear the word wedding transportation is a huge stretch limousine decorated with flowers and a bow. Finding the right wedding transport in Perth is crucial, especially if you and your spouse plan to arrive at your main event in style. Also if you are having a wedding at a certain destination you would even have to provide transportation for all the guests as well.

Keep the following things in mind when you plan on hiring wedding transport in Perth.

  • First you need to plan the mode of transportation for you and your spouse. Planning to make an eccentric entry or a classic ones, there are vehicles for just about everyone to choose from. The key is to make an early start so that you can have your pick of vehicles to choose from.
  • Get the vehicle for your close family as well. Since they are an important part of your wedding you want to make sure they arrive on time. Prepare a car which accommodates your immediate family which includes your parent’s, brothers and sisters.
  • It’s just as nice to prepare transportation for all the groom’s men and bride’s maids. In fact you can hire one big bus to accommodate just about everyone who is important to you and who you want to be present at your wedding on time.

Planning transportation for your guests is not really essential. However, there are certain cases when this is more of a necessity. Those instances include all of the following.

  • For those who are having a wedding at a farm house or a beach resort. Planning a bus tour for your guests becomes necessary they might not be familiar with the route or may not be comfortable travelling such a long distance on their own. Having a wedding tour bus can be of great help and is a very nice gesture.
  • If the guests you have invited re from out of town you need to provide transportation for them. They wouldn’t be familiar with the routes and may take time reaching the destination on their own.
  • If the ceremony and the reception are held at different places. You may expect your guests to reach the ceremony on their own but it’s a good will gesture to accommodate them for the nest destination by providing them with transport for the reception.

You need to keep a head count of all the people you want to accommodate for the wedding bus hire. Tis way you can make the necessary arrangements. You also need to specify tis number to the event planners and the bus hire contractor.

Before you rent a vehicle, you need to keep a few things in mind. It’s necessary to mention the arrival and departure time for your event. Don’t forget to allow time for minor delays. Also provide complete contact details to the contractors so they can manage everything and keep things under control.

A Holiday via Coach in Australia


In the mood for something different? Perhaps you’re an original Aussie and have become tired of the regular beach holiday. Not that the Australian beaches could ever become boring but maybe you’re just in the mood for something different.

While a beach sounds nice and relaxing, it’s everywhere around Australia. Most people are in fact drawn to only the outer part of the beautiful country but aren’t always up for going in a bit deeper and while many believe that the deeper you go into Australia, the more dangerous it gets might be true to some extent, a bus tour from city to city might be just what you need to clear your head during your holiday. If you’re brave enough though, do give the outback tours a chance, discovering new territories might just be exciting, thrilling and entertaining all at once.

What to Expect from and Australian Bus Tour

Explaining an experience on a bus can be pretty simple but finding the right one might be more difficult. Well most bus services in the land of the Aussies offer good service and a wonderful experience, their might be one or two rotten eggs among the bunch. All that means is, you have to do your research before just deciding on one.

Secondly, you’ll have to decide on what type of tour you’re looking for. If you’re Australian and you’ve never been in a certain state or territory, perhaps an informative tour will be just the pick for you. Same goes for a visitor from the outside. It’s always good to learn about other countries, cultures and its people. In these cases, an informative tour will be the perfect option and, it even comes with a host.


The host is also accompanied by a captain. These two, or sometimes three to even four people, are on the bus to look after you and make sure you enjoy a safe journey. They know everything from the countries unique geology, botany, geography, farming and even mining techniques. You can sit back and relax with a view while the experts share their experiences of this magnificent country with you.

When it comes to food and drinks, these are all available and included in your tour package without charge. The very best of mouth-watering meals you could think of. General Australian tour packages usually comes with all meals, cruises, accommodation and afternoon teas included.

A Perfect Holiday for Everyone?

While there are an extensive range of different bus tours, even tours specifically for elder people, travellers and families, it’s important to find the right tour and know exactly what you’re looking for when doing so. If you’re travelling on your own, for instance, these tours could be a wonderful opportunity to not just get to know the country, but also experience a new culture of people and meet new friends.

So, why not take a chance something new and different. You’ll find all the adventure you need in an Australian tour bus.

Travelling by Bus in Australia


Thinking about ditching your car or even a short flight with a plane? Perhaps you’ve never considered travelling by bus because you’re not sure what the experience will have in store for you. Well, if you’re not much of a risk taker, we’re here to tell you that you don’t necessarily have to be.

We get it, travelling with a bus might take longer than driving their yourself and if you’re thinking of ditching your plane to travel by bus, it will definitely take longer to reach your destination.

While that is true, we believe that travelling by bus is the ‘sit back, relax and take a breath’ sort of thing. Something many people in today’s fast-paced life don’t necessarily always tend to do and while you think it’s not necessary, relieving stress is something that everybody needs every once in a while, and, what’s more, everybody should take seriously.

About a Bus

While busses are known for travelling fairly big distances, there’s no need to be alarmed about things such as breaks or facilities on the bus, or even the comfort you’ll have on the bus. Australian busses are specifically designed to be comfortable and with that being said, they include some of the most relaxing chairs you can thing of. The majority of busses are also equipped with toilet-facilities, aircons and even movies. All bus tours are smoke-free and includes wi-fi and your convenience. All busses and companies are also equipped with the same rule book as the country itself, which means it’s very democratic which means everyone gets treated equally and with respect.


The Most Popular Bus Companies in Australia

All bus companies in the country have similar drop off and pick-up points which makes it convenient for anyone who doesn’t know Australia too well. These points are usually situated at post offices, newsagents or corner shops.

  • Greyhound Australia – This bus company runs a national network and allows you to book online for the best prices and cheapest fares.
  • Firefly Express – Runs routes between Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

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