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Arranging your Wedding Transportation

The first thing which comes to your mind when you hear the word wedding transportation is a huge stretch limousine decorated with flowers and a bow. Finding the right wedding transport in Perth is crucial, especially if you and your spouse plan to arrive at your main event in style. Also if you are having a wedding at a certain destination you would even have to provide transportation for all the guests as well.

Keep the following things in mind when you plan on hiring wedding transport in Perth.

  • First you need to plan the mode of transportation for you and your spouse. Planning to make an eccentric entry or a classic ones, there are vehicles for just about everyone to choose from. The key is to make an early start so that you can have your pick of vehicles to choose from.
  • Get the vehicle for your close family as well. Since they are an important part of your wedding you want to make sure they arrive on time. Prepare a car which accommodates your immediate family which includes your parent’s, brothers and sisters.
  • It’s just as nice to prepare transportation for all the groom’s men and bride’s maids. In fact you can hire one big bus to accommodate just about everyone who is important to you and who you want to be present at your wedding on time.

Planning transportation for your guests is not really essential. However, there are certain cases when this is more of a necessity. Those instances include all of the following.

  • For those who are having a wedding at a farm house or a beach resort. Planning a bus tour for your guests becomes necessary they might not be familiar with the route or may not be comfortable travelling such a long distance on their own. Having a wedding tour bus can be of great help and is a very nice gesture.
  • If the guests you have invited re from out of town you need to provide transportation for them. They wouldn’t be familiar with the routes and may take time reaching the destination on their own.
  • If the ceremony and the reception are held at different places. You may expect your guests to reach the ceremony on their own but it’s a good will gesture to accommodate them for the nest destination by providing them with transport for the reception.

You need to keep a head count of all the people you want to accommodate for the wedding bus hire. Tis way you can make the necessary arrangements. You also need to specify tis number to the event planners and the bus hire contractor.

Before you rent a vehicle, you need to keep a few things in mind. It’s necessary to mention the arrival and departure time for your event. Don’t forget to allow time for minor delays. Also provide complete contact details to the contractors so they can manage everything and keep things under control.

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