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Are you planning a road trip to the Great Ocean Road? You might be wondering what exactly is so special about the place. It is literally known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Now if you are on a trip to Australia, you wouldn’t want to miss the majestic beauty of the Great Ocean Road.

For those taking a bus tour from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road, the following stops would be the major highlight of the tour.

  • The Bell’s Beach, apart from being featured in the movie Point Break (though the film wasn’t exactly filmed here), this is a truly beautiful place. It’s a known fact that sometimes harks drop by the beach to feast.
  • The Port Campbell National Park houses the cute koalas and the elusive kangaroos, what’s more you might even end up seeing a few penguins.
  • You may want to stop at the picturesque Apollo Bay for some quick lunch.
  • The Otway lighthouse
  • The Twelve apostles, the famous rock structure for which the road is famous. Previously it was known as the sow and the pigs but later on from 1861 came to be known as the twelve apostles.

Bus Tours to the Great Ocean Road

You can expect the following basics on a Great Ocean Road Tours from Melbourne.

  • You will be provided a pick up and drop off to your hotel in a small mini bus
  • A friendly and informative driver who would point out the landmarks
  • A visit to few of the above mentioned landmarks.
  • For those on a day tour, you would be allowed to get off at any of the local bistros where you have to get your own lunch

Animal spotting on the Grand Ocean Road

If you are taking a tour in the morning or the early afternoon, you are bound to find some animals. You are bound to get a glimpse of koalas, the crimson Rosella and a few ant eaters. The crimson rosella is a native parrot to the Australian coast and you can have an option of feeding the bird seed as they come and sit on your hand. While touring the eucalyptus forests you are bound to get a closer look at the slow moving koalas. They are cute and furry to look at but beware they have those sharp claws.

Aerial view of the Twelve Apostles

When on a bus tour you can stop near the Port Campbell National Park and get a helicopter ride for a few minutes or an hour and get an aerial view of the Twelve Apostles. Though it would cost you a bit extra but the ride is worth it. You get to enjoy the majestic beauty of the limestone formations up close and personal.

In order to make the most of the bus tour, make sure you book early. Pack a few snacks, don’t forget the suntan lotion and bring your cameras because there is loads to photograph and have a great trip.

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