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The first task after a wedding ah been finalized is to look for a wedding venue. However most people often make the mistake of choosing a venue without giving it a great deal of thought. While it is perfectly okay to go with something because it gives you the right feels, there are several other thins which should be considered as well. The following are a few helpful tips for selecting the right Mornington Wedding venue.

Make sure the venue has enough room for the number of guests you have invited

It should be kept in mind that when the venue is empty, it looks quite large. But add to it the table and chairs and a dance floor and it won’t look quite s roomy. Most wedding venues have a certain capacity of accommodating a specific number of guests. Whether you are choosing an outdoor site or an indoor ballroom, you have got to make sure that all your guests can sit comfortably and enjoy the ceremony along with you.

If you really want to assess the size and the look of a venue, make sure you visit one when preparations for a wedding are already taking place. This would help you get a good idea of how the venue looks when it’s all decorated and ready to host a wedding.

Specific areas for eating, drinking and partying

The venue should have separate spaces for eating drinking and partying. At the wedding you may prefer to have a sit down buffet or you may prefer a standing buffet. It all comes down to your own personal choice. But keep in mind that people also tend to mingle and party at the wedding. A venue which is too small might appear cramped when divided into sections. Also keep in mind the configuration of the room. It shouldn’t have an odd shape or it shouldn’t be too narrow or too wide. Look out for columns and obstructions in enclosed spaces. These can sometimes block the guest’s view of the dance floor. You don’t want that happening at all.

Proper lighting is essential

Lighting can greatly improve the mood of the entire event. A properly lightened venue means that your wedding looks classier. For a day wedding its essential that an enclosed pace has enough windows to let in natural light. Also keep in mind if the lighting can be controlled for the dinner and dancing events. A good thing would be to visit the venue at the same time you plan to have your wedding. It would help you get a better idea of whether the venue is well suited or not.

The color palette

If you want to have a theme based wedding you might want to consider the color palette of the venue as well. Sometimes the site has a non-removable décor. It shouldn’t in any way clash with your color theme. For a classic wedding you may want to consider a venue which is elegant and sophisticated. For a vintage wedding you may choose a wedding venue with a period décor.

Keeping these things in mind old help you select from different Mornington wedding venue locations.


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