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The use of RFID wristbands for events has lately become the buzz in all sales, concerts, and other festive gatherings. Top musical festivals have seen the advantages of using RFID wristbands for events. Doing this has made their fans proudly wear the wristbands throughout the event and beyond.

Yet, huge music festivals are not the only events that can use RFID or Radio Frequency Identification wristbands for their gatherings. The tech also benefits events such as races, food and drink events, and more.

Attendees and events organisers alike gain a lot of advantages with the use of RFID wristbands. Using this type of wristband enables guests, clients, and fans to link their wallets, emails, and social media profiles before the event.

RFID wristbands enable events, sponsors, and guests to connect in new streamlined and easier ways. The top exciting benefits provided by RFID wristbands for events include:


Prevents queuing

Queuing is never an enjoyable experience for anyone. Event entrance can be hastened with the use of an RFID wristband. Simply waving their wristband over an entrance sensor quickly allows attendees to go in.

Doing it this way prevents attendees from having to root around their pockets or bags for tickets or undergo the struggle of making the scanners work over wrinkled or wet barcodes.

Re-entry to multiple zones during the event is also seamlessly handled by RFID wristbands. Security forces get a break from interpreting or operating scanning equipment. Instead, the minimal staff is needed to man the gates with the help of RFID wristbands and scanners that light up in red if not allowed or green for go.


Almost impossible to duplicate

A unique identifier that makes it almost to duplicate is with the chips in an RFID wristband. This eliminates the practice of counterfeit tickets. While tickets are still a part of RFID wristbands, it is associated with the IDs of attendees. This means that lost tickets can be quickly deactivated so no other person can use it. This action allows the events personnel to issue a new ticket to a client minus the hassle.


Cashless transactions

Attendees no longer have to contend with cash as they pay for merchandise, food, or drinks during the event. This easy cashless transaction becomes possible simply by guests or attendees adding their cash information to the wristband tag before the event. Theft and loss of wallets or cash are eliminated during the event, making your guests enjoy the experience of the event.


Astound attendees

The use of an RFID wristband in events and festivals is undeniably its biggest draw. The cool factor provided by the wristband never fails to astound attendees. Receiving their wristband in the mail will excite your attendees like no other. This will, in turn, compel them to share their excitement through social media platforms. The excitement of your forthcoming event is easily advertised by simply using an RFID wristband.


Truly understand your attendees

Tickets bought by attendees in bulk fail to collect data on all of them. You only gather data on the ticket purchaser. Using an RFID wristband that requires them to register their information enables you to truly understand all your attendees.

Events, concerts, and festivals attract huge audiences. It also becomes the most stressful time for organisers. Make it easier by using the latest tech – RFID wristbands.


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