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Travelling around Australia or elsewhere is best in a coach. It offers convenient, comfortable, and relaxed travel. Needless to say, in Australia there are many coach hire services to consider, so choosing which one to seek service may not be easy.

The easiest way to compare companies is by asking questions. To give you a good head start, below is a rundown of frequently asked questions about the company, the coaches, and the drivers.

The Company

  • What do you specialise in?

Make sure that the company of your choice has experience in the type of travel you need.

  • What makes your company different from your counterparts?

It is necessary that the company you choose knows what makes them better than their competitors. They should be able to explain why they are the better choice.

  • Do you subcontract or outsource your work?

If they do, then there is no way for them to assure high standards.

  • Can I check your vehicles and premises?

An upright company is proud not only of their vehicles but their facilities and services as well. There is no reason for them to hide anything; they should be proud of what their vehicles and facilities are made of.

  • Can you give me references for your most current customers?

If they decline to provide this information to you, move to the next coach company on your list.

The Coaches

  • What is the average age of your coaches?

The newer their vehicles the better. Vehicles newly released are better fitted out, more comfortable, and environment friendly, and offer more urbane safety equipment.

  • Do your vehicles have installed satellite navigation?

This will ensure that you will never get lost while travelling.

  • What available safety features do your vehicles have?

The more safety features they can list, the better. Travelling with safety will give you a more relaxing and worry-free trip.

  • How frequently do you service and maintain your coaches?

It is necessary that their vehicles are serviced often. This will ensure that you will have no issues, like engine problems, while travelling.

Their Drivers

  • Are your drivers insured?

This is highly important, as you would never want to get in trouble or be held liable if something happens while travelling.

  • Are your drivers experienced?

Are their drivers highly experienced? How long have their drivers been working for them, or at least how long have they worked in the same industry?

  • In case we would like to request the previous driver we had last time, can we choose to hire him again?

Will you be given the option to choose the driver who will service your trip?

The more questions you ask, the better and more assured you can be about getting the best coach hire.

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