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Thinking about ditching your car or even a short flight with a plane? Perhaps you’ve never considered travelling by bus because you’re not sure what the experience will have in store for you. Well, if you’re not much of a risk taker, we’re here to tell you that you don’t necessarily have to be.

We get it, travelling with a bus might take longer than driving their yourself and if you’re thinking of ditching your plane to travel by bus, it will definitely take longer to reach your destination.

While that is true, we believe that travelling by bus is the ‘sit back, relax and take a breath’ sort of thing. Something many people in today’s fast-paced life don’t necessarily always tend to do and while you think it’s not necessary, relieving stress is something that everybody needs every once in a while, and, what’s more, everybody should take seriously.

About a Bus

While busses are known for travelling fairly big distances, there’s no need to be alarmed about things such as breaks or facilities on the bus, or even the comfort you’ll have on the bus. Australian busses are specifically designed to be comfortable and with that being said, they include some of the most relaxing chairs you can thing of. The majority of busses are also equipped with toilet-facilities, aircons and even movies. All bus tours are smoke-free and includes wi-fi and your convenience. All busses and companies are also equipped with the same rule book as the country itself, which means it’s very democratic which means everyone gets treated equally and with respect.


The Most Popular Bus Companies in Australia

All bus companies in the country have similar drop off and pick-up points which makes it convenient for anyone who doesn’t know Australia too well. These points are usually situated at post offices, newsagents or corner shops.

  • Greyhound Australia – This bus company runs a national network and allows you to book online for the best prices and cheapest fares.
  • Firefly Express – Runs routes between Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

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